I haven’t seen any of these “tags” myself as of yet BUT… I’m keeping my eye out for something!

If you’re in the dark about what exactly “tagging” is, it’s when a graffiti artist marks a surface with their name. But these days, a project called aes-tags is popping up all over town with ACTUAL tags (think price tags) being attached to random surfaces.

According to the artist, “It’s ok if people take them. It’s ok if they blow away. It’s ok if they land in a puddle. I won’t disturb them if I encounter them again.”

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I wouldn’t take the tag (although, the artist says it’s OK if you do!), I think I’d just Twitpic it out… or Instagram it..or Tumblr it or SOMETHING it…

Check out these unique tags and let me know if you see any yourself in the comments section below!

View the Gallery of ‘Tags’ HERE >


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  1. matt t says:

    so stupid–desperation time
    get a life!

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