That is the dilemma my partner, Jim Douglas, is facing…

He’s about to embark on a vacation with our enigmatic boss. No one really knows this powerful figure. He is a mystery to us all, and Jim now has to take a plane ride with him to Florida, hop in the rental car, head to his house in a gated community, eat tete a tete dinners together (as well as breakfast and lunch) and then compete in a golf tournament as a team FOR AN ENTIRE WEEKEND!

This isn’t a buddy movie where the guys hit the road and get into scrapes they extricate themselves from with humor and poignancy.

So we needed some help getting to know him this morning…

It is, after all, a golf weekend, so we decided to dial up his country club in Florida and talk to the golf pro to find out if he had any deep, dark secrets about the big boss…


Have YOU ever found out juicy details about your boss? Did you keep your mouth shut or blab to the entire office? Sound off in the comments section below!

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