That’s right! I said it… I love my fanny pack!!

Up until this morning, I thought it was still in style. I had no idea that fanny packs are considered passe. A fanny pack is so functional. It’s a convenient way to carry all kinds of things to a ballgame, the mall or on vacation with the boss.

But my partner, Kim, put her foot down this morning and tore down my fanny pack fantasy. She said there is no way I can wear my fanny pack to travel with our classy boss or to the expensive country club in Florida he has invited me to. His house there is in a gated community… clearly not fanny pack friendly.

But… we found a guy on the streets of Manhattan, right here in SoHo, wearing an even bigger fashion mistake!

Kim is fearless when it comes to walking up to people on the streets of Manhattan to ask them about what they are doing. I am always embarrassed when she does it. She once walked up to a woman attempting to parallel park in a too small spot by smashing into the cars in front and behind her and put her on the radio admitting she knew the spot was too small…so when it came to just barging into the poor guy’s walk down Hudson to confront him on the 80s fashion mistake he was so proudly sporting, she was all over it…


And it turns out I am completely on my own when it comes to fanny packs apparently. Plenty of women called in to berate me on my fashion choice…



What are some of the fashion “no-no’s” YOU refuse accept as passe? It can’t be any worse than the last member up there! Tell us in the comments section below. We promise we won’t laugh too hard at your expense…


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  1. matt t says:

    it’s not a fanny pack, it’s a belt bag, which i invented back in the 80’s while al gore was inventing the internet.
    like jim said, it’s the perfect “personal item” to take on a plane in addition to your carry-on AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! (everyone’s failed to mention so far)
    another fashion classic: the scrunchy, sex and the city notwithstanding

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