I’ve always believed that every great, lasting couple has a wonderful story of how they met. I love to hear how people met their mates.

I met my boyfriend at the restaurant where he is the general manager. I was out with friends for a birthday dinner when we were introduced. He immediately decided we should spend time together and asked if he could see me the next Tuesday night. I told him I get up too early in the morning to go out on a weeknight, to which he replied, “You will make an exception”… totally straight-faced, deadpan and completely sure that I would indeed make an exception. He was right. Before I left that night his parting words to me were “You can play hard to get, but what would be the point?” And that’s all it took to write a beautiful love story.

This morning we heard from a woman who met her husband of 10 years after getting to know him 30 seconds at a time over a long period. Any idea where they met?

Sonia Baker‘s husband had a profession that many of us see every single day, but it’s something that doesn’t give him more than a few seconds of time to make an impression on a woman… a woman that would eventually end up as his wife.

This is how their story goes…


And, it turns out, our listeners have some interesting places that they met including a blind date from hell, online dating and, in one case, thanks to Gandhi…



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