It’s always a bit nerve-wracking the first time you have to meet your new sweetie’s parents or vice versa. This past Super Bowl weekend, my boyfriend and I had dueling daddies and met each others parents.

My dad was in town for the weekend (he very rarely comes to NYC) and Michael and I met him in Little Italy for lunch…and he wasn’t alone. Then we headed out to Long Island to watch the Super Bowl with his Dad.

And how did it go? Well, there are two sides to every story…

I can tell you from my point of view, meeting Michael’s dad was amazing. He’s the nicest man and we had a good time hanging out watching the Giants (he is a Giants fan…I am not) with him. Alcohol certainly helps.

And there was plenty of alcohol flowing at the table when Michael met my dad, my dad’s companion (girlfriend, but we’re not supposed to call her that) and my dad’s friends Christine and Ed… which means they went out of their way to embarrass him with talk of marriage, whether or not I was submissive enough and exactly how to rule his new relationship with me.

So we decided to play a little meet the parents today…we called Michael to see how he thinks it went. Then tomorrow we will call my father to find out how it actually went!!


Then it was your turn to share your meet the parents stories!



Tell us about YOUR “Meeting the Parents” experiences in the comments section below. Hopefully you never had to explain how to milk a cat…




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