We did it! Again!

The Big Game on Sunday left New Yorkers in a celebratory frenzy as people marched down the streets of Manhattan and set off illegal fireworks everywhere else.

Thanks to post game traditions there will be a victory parade, and of course gossip all over the place, primarily on the internet.

As I scrolled down my Facebook news feed during the halftime show (because clearly, I’m an addict), every other… Okay, no EVERY status was about Madonna and the hate towards Tom Brady, but mostly about Madonna.

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I am guilty of one of those posts, and perhaps a culprit of creating some unnecessary Facebook status drama (don’t tell anyone!).

“Madonna gave me chills! Can’t believe she’s 53 and still doing this!,” “Madonna’s killin’ it right now!,” “Madonna is amazing!”

Really?! Because I’m pretty sure they played her record from ’85 as she stood there with her microphone as the bendy spartan dancers/special affects made the show interesting. Every status that resembled the above made me angrier than the previous one and I was never more excited for a football game to start up again.

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Here’s the thing, we’ve already spent too long on Madonna’s lip-syncing performance and have said nothing about Kelly Clarkson‘s FLAWLESS National Anthem. And unfortunately, the mediocre (in MY opinion, don’t yell!) Material Girl performance will be the only thing the media talks about.


This is why I would like to draw the attention back to Clarkson. We all seem to forget that true talent still exists as we get lost in the flashing lights and elaborate dance moves, instead of getting lost in a song. Season one American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson had one mic, one stage, and one voice– that’s it. She proved that one doesn’t need pom-poms, back up spartans, and a rapper to entertain. Kelly’s career has thrived since her Idol victory back in 2002 — she’s released five albums, has won two GRAMMY Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, twelve Billboard Music Awards, and four American Music Awards. According to Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan, Kelly Clarkson is the most successful Idol contestant, with over 24 million albums and 37 million singles worldwide.

With that being said, I would like to congratulate and thank Ms. Clarkson for singing our country’s song and reminding us that true talent still exists.


Rewind to season one of American Idol and watch Kelly sing ‘At Last’ by the legendary Etta James.

Also check out Kelly singing ‘Express Yourself’. Ironic, huh?

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the show, good, bad or ugly in the comments section below!


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