Amber Rose Get’s Tyson-esque Tattoo

Amber Rose, who is really only famous for playing arm-candy to Kanye West, has a new accessory: a face tattoo.

Gossip site TMZ snapped photos of Rose, out with her new less-West-more-Wiz boyfriend, Wiz Kalifa. The hairless hottie was wearing nothing on her head but a pair of Givenchey earrings and a lightning bolt tattoo on the left side of her head.

Here’s hoping it’s just a press-on. Mike Tyson can pull off the facial ink because he’s totally nuts. He threatens to eat babies, bites off ears… pretty much everyone on the planet is scared of him.

In case you’re not, check this out:

Amber is a wee bit less intimidating and this may put a damper on her video vixen-ing career. Just look at Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Her face looks like a wall in an alley after kids playing hooky got done tagging it up and nobody is knocking on her door.

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