Deal or No Deal? That’s the question!

Either the MTA gets the deal they want OR they may STRIKE!

What would this mean for the millions of New Yorkers who commute in and out of the five boroughs? That would be one traffic jam of epic proportions! Remember what happened back in 2005?!

I’m a native Staten Islander, I can’t walk to work. I take the train on SI to the Ferry, then hop on the subway to get to the Fresh studios every day. Door to door its about an hour and 45 minutes. But I’ll be damned if I’ll be walking from my house to the Ferry (or taking a bus… eew!) and then walking (again!) up to the station! NO WAY!

Today, the head of the MTA’s largest union (Transport Workers Union Local 100), John Samuelsen refused to rule out a strike of NYC’s transit workers. But for now, the trains are still running!

“We would never take a strike off the table, never,” said Samuelsen after an Albany press conference that demanded the MTA provide a “fair” contract to workers.

“We don’t want a strike . . . but philosophically, we believe we have the right to strike.”

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What would YOU do if the trains suddenly STOPPED running in NYC? What’s your contingency plan? Seriously, let me know (especially you Staten Islanders!). I’m gonna need a ride to the station if this doesn’t get settled! CAR POOL!




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