Does the Handyman Exist Anymore?

I absolutely adore my apartment. I live right in the middle of the West Village in what was once the super’s apartment, so he fixed it up with crown molding, hardwood floors and it has a backyard for my girls (that would be my two Black Labs Bailey and Allie).

It is my oasis, my getaway, the place I go when I need to be surrounded by peace.

And it needs some things fixed up. I am not handy with a drill… or even a screwdriver… so I need a handyman. But, does the handyman exist anymore?!

Everyone I asked furrowed their brow in concentration and couldn’t come up with an answer. So, we decided to call an expert. Vinny from DV Locksmith in Astoria helped us out…


Do you still have a handyman with a handy plan at your disposal? Let us know in the comments section below!




One Comment

  1. Yh, i think that handymen are a growing trade not a dying trade! I think that because they are so handy we cant be without them, reliability is also a key factor why they will never not be needed.

  2. take one look at your local listing on craigslist and you will find a ton to ‘handy men’, how handy are they? who knows. I personally will only let someone licensed and insured into my home. I have had good luck with craigslist thought, you just have to research the people!

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