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I guess it depends on whether or not you’re a man!

That’s the lesson I learned on the harsh streets of NYC the other day. Jim and I were walking down Hudson, here in Soho, when he giggled like a junior high school student seeing his first dirty magazine and pointed out a wardrobe malfunction a half of a block ahead of us…

How he even saw this poor girl, I have no idea. Apparently when it comes to spying an open skirt on a city street, my partner has super powers that are just shy of Superman’s x-ray vision!

But, I couldn’t let her walk around that way. So I caught up with her to let her know.

Would you do the same thing? We wanted to know all about your wardrobe malfunctions this morning… yours or the ones that you have spied!

And Keisha was the victim of a mishap at a foam party…


Norma’s short jean skirt decided to misbehave at an 80’s club in New Jersey…


Mary was on the trading floor when she noticed two major things wrong with a man’s outfit as he exited the men’s room…


And Laraine thought everyone on the subway was eyeing her because she just looked so amazingly hot in her dress!!


Have you ever caught a public wardrobe malfunction? How did it pan out? Let us know in the comments section below!



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