What Do You Do If Your Boyfriend’s Parents Give You a Really Ugly Christmas Present?

It’s a touchy subject…

Your boyfriend’s parents give you an incredibly tacky Christmas present and you want to return it for something else… what do you do?


You can keep it and suck it up to keep the peace. You can return it without their knowledge and get what you want. Or you can tell them that you don’t like it and ask them to take it back and get you what you want.

That’s Jess’ dilemma and she emailed us to ask for advice…

Here is Jess’ email…

“Hi Jim and Kim,

Now that the dust is finally settling from all the Christmas craziness, I have a question about a gift I got from my boyfriend’s parents.They gave me a very expensive necklace that might actually be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s yellow gold with beads and multi-colored stones all around it and I absolutely hate it. Of course I didn’t tell them that, but I’ll never wear it and, what’s more, if I returned it, I could get what I really want — a pair of diamond earrings that I’ve had my eye on all year but couldn’t afford. So I guess my question is this: Can I get rid of the necklace and get what I really want … or do I just suck it up and keep the darn thing?

Thanks! Jess”

So we decided to give Jess a call and get all the dirty details…


Then we turned it over to you guys to give Jess the proper advice…Susan and Sharon both said to get the boyfriend involved…


And Anjelica says that lying is the best way to get out of this sticky situation…


What about YOU? Have you ever had this problem? Let us know what you did to make it all better in the comments section below!


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One Comment

  1. matt t says:

    agree with kim: i wear ugly and uncomfortable things my family gives me on holidays. it makes them happy to see me in them, and it’s the least i can do for them a few days a year.

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