I’m Tired of Buying Christmas Gifts for a Bunch of Kids When I Only Have One Son!!!

We just had our family Christmas party over the weekend, and my family is so large that we hold it at a local VFW Hall.

The kids played musical chairs and did arts and crafts… and the adults, well, we drank wine. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Yeah, until you have to buy Christmas presents for ALL of those kids. Here’s my two cents… I have only ONE son. My sisters all have multiple kids, so my wife and I spend a ton of money on gads of children, while they only have to buy one present for my son…

I think it should be more even!

They should spend more on my son since I’m shelling out cash on all of their multiples of kids. My partner-in-crime, Kim, didn’t agree. She thinks it’s the thought that counts…but Donna called in and agreed with me… And, Pam said I was not being selfish at all!!


Cindy actually had a suggestion for bigger families to keep it fair for us smaller units…


But, finally, Maria called to agree with Kim about that whole “thought that counts” thing and I completely ruined Eleanor’s wonderful idea…


What do YOU think? Am I being a Scrooge or do I make sense here? Please take my side on this one, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pay my mortgage next year if I have to buy 15 iPads for all the offspring!


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