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Don’t roll your eyes or break out into a mocking sneer… the fruitcake has earned a bad reputation. I was once a fruitcake doubter just like you. When the fruitcake jokes went around, I too would laugh at the expense of this oft- misunderstood confection.

That was until I received a fruitcake in the mail from someone I care about…

And because this fruitcake came from my adopted NYC grandmother figure, I felt compelled to taste it. I went into it with tons of preconceived notions of what a fruitcake would taste like and because I have texture issues when it comes to my food, I was not holding out high hopes for this Christmas gift. But, I LOVED it!! I’m certain, the fact it had been soaked in dark rum was incredibly helpful.

So this morning we decided to Vindicate the Fruitcake…

We called William Greenberg Desserts on Madison Avenue and gave Carol 30 seconds to Vindicate the Fruitcake!!


Have a favorite fruitcake or a recipe I should try? Let me know in the comments section below!




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