Moment of Heroism: Alec Baldwin ‘Apologizes’ to American Airlines

Last week we covered Alec Baldwin’s incident involving his removal from an American Airlines flight and the subsequent deactivation of his Twitter account.

Well, to the dismay of us Tweeters, the king of stirring the pot has yet to return to his throne atop the realm of 140 character micro-debates. But that doesn’t mean he’s staying quiet.

Click ahead to see what the extravagant actor had to say about the incident!

In a move of pure, unadulterated genius, Alec Baldwin appeared on Saturday Night Live this past weekend (12/9) posing as the pilot of his American Airlines flight issuing an apology to Baldwin!

Watch the awesome sketch below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


There has yet to be a formal response from AA themselves, but I’d imagine at this point they’ll just cut their PR losses and focus on that whole “being bankrupt” thing…

A lot of people have been taking sides on this issue. Some side with the airline, saying Baldwin broke the rules and was ‘punished’ properly. Others feel the scene itself was ridiculous and certainly didn’t justify his removal from the flight.

SO, here’s my take on the situation: I think it truly misguided for anyone to assume the actual reason we have to turn off our electronic devices for take off/landing is because they interfere with the plane’s ability to function.

Most people are pretty glued to this mentality, but if you actually pay attention during the little security puppet show the flight attendants put on, you’d notice they never actually cite a reason why you have to turn off your phones/ipods/kindles etc.

Want to know the reason? It’s because the majority of mishaps on planes take place during the initial take-off and landing (you know, the non-auto-pilot parts). But it’s not like a flight attendant, while sweeping the aisles for last minute rule-breakers, is going to say, “You need to turn your phone off so if we go into a flaming tailspin you won’t be distracted by Words with Friends.

Ok, I can get somewhat get behind this logic. Most accidents on planes happen during take-off/landing, so we put our devices away to be mentally prepared and focused in case something goes down — like the plane.

So, next question: What the hell are you going to do if your plane starts to free-fall right after take-off?

I’ll tell you one thing I’m not going to be doing: PLAYING WORDS WITH FRIENDS ON MY CELL PHONE.

The logic of the electronic devices policy on airplanes is truly insulting to our intellectual capacities. The rules imply that we are so vested in our devices and gadgets that we need to be instructed to turn them off because if the plane started to crash, WE WOULD STILL KEEP PLAYING WORDS WITH FRIENDS.

Are you kidding me? As soon as that oxygen mask drops down and hits me in the head, I could care less about my triple-word-score “lynx.”


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One Comment

  1. Emerald says:

    Junky article. The truth is that there is some evidence that electronic devices can interfere with the function of a plane.

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