I’m a considerable Alec Baldwin fan, and I don’t particularly like to say negative things about him…but c’mon man!

Baldwin was removed from an American Airlines flight on Tuesday for refusing to turn off his cell phone while he played Words With Friends.

I repeat: C’mon man!

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Baldwin, 53, made his opinions on the matter very public as he proceeded to live-tweet his own removal from the aircraft. The 30 Rock star ripped on the flight attendants and American Airlines in general. We’d love to show you the tweets but Baldwin‘s account has since been deactivated. However, here are some of the hashtags he managed to pull off while being kicked off a plane:



After Baldwin was removed from the flight, he tweeted that he was already back on the 3 o’clock from LA to NY and that it would be the last time he flew American.

After the story began to swell, AA released its own statement to clarify the events of the evening. The tweet and link can be found below:


I think Alec sometimes forgets he’s not Jack Donaghy and doesn’t rule the world with an iron fist. I think what he does on Twitter is great. He obviously finds amusement in stirring the pot and watching people squirm and get all hot and bothered. I can get behind that.

It’s hard to justify criticizing him for being an active member of a participatory democracy. By inspiring these pseudo-intellectual Twitter debates (and retweeting the best/worst responses) he is able to make a relatively strong political statement about the nature of political discourse amongst American people and the lack of a base-line understanding of the democratic process.

But I could be wrong.


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