My wife and I are hardly the party animals. We have a son, so we don’t usually spend the weekends out until all hours. We love to do family nights… Friday night was a Pay-Per-View movie… Super 8. It was just… OK.

Besides, we were saving ourselves for Saturday night… a party in Brooklyn!!!

…And we were totally dirty rotten stayouts!

We didn’t get home until after one o’clock in the morning. For the rest of you moms and dads, you know how rare that is. Then I was in my PJs paying for it all day on Sunday!

So we decided to find out just how many adults stay out late on the show this morning. Some of the calls we got were from a 12-year-old named Zoe who stayed out later than I do and Jennifer who is a teacher and a mom… think short skirts and live bands!


Evelyn stayed out until 5 in the morning… with her son! What do you think they were doing all night?


And our personal favorite, Daphne, who stays out with a bunch of sock monkeys…


How about YOU? Are you a dirty rotten stayout? Let us know some of your battle stories in the comments section below!


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  1. matt t says:

    vegas baby!

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