Last night I was all snuggled up getting ready for today’s show, bopping around the Internets when I came across a story that chilled me to the bone. My 8-year old Black Labs, Bailey and Allie, are my soul… they are the two most perfect slices of heaven in my life.

But it turns out the chicken jerky treats they love so much are hazardous to their health…

Currently, there is an FDA warning about chicken jerky treats that are made in China… and that includes the jerky, the chicken tenders, strips and treats as well.

Dogs are getting sick and some are even dying…

sad dog You Could Have Something in Your Cabinet Right Now That Is Making Your Dog Sick!!

Sad Dog is sad...

So, I went to the kitchen cabinet and sure enough I had two packages of the treats! In teeny, tiny print on the back, it says “Made in China” despite being sold at both PetSmart and Petco under very American sounding names… and they are very popular brands.

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Both of my girls are fine, but, if you have dogs, please click on the link below to find out some of the brands (one of which I had) you should beware of and the scary signs that you should be on the lookout for if your dog is sick… including:

-Decreased appetite
-Decreased activity
-Diarrhea, sometimes with blood
-Increased water consumption and/or increased urination

These signs may occur as early as within hours to days after feeding the products.

Click HERE For More >




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