The Kutcher-Moore marriage has been rife with sex scandals, but not all the women were off-limits to Ashton–just the ones that Demi didn’t approve of.

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According to, the couple had an open relationship and often took part in threesomes. A source told the gossip site, “They would have threesomes… Demi liked women and Ashton would bring another woman into their relationship for flings, but they both agreed to it.”

Now that’s hot.

Unfortunately for Kutcher, Moore wanted to be able to approve any of the women that got coital with her husband, “If he wanted to do anything as long as she knew about it she was fine,” the source said. “It was the sneaky ones when he got caught that infuriated Demi.”

It’s always the sneaky ones…

I can almost see how this would be a tad bit confusing for Ashton, but seriously dude, you’re wife says you can have sex with other women as long as she approves and sometimes partakes–you won the marital motherload!

Sucks for Ashton, Demi announced last week that she was putting the kibosh on her marriage. Good luck finding that arrangement again, buddy.

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