This morning, I was talking about how, every once in a while, my wife will “sleep talk.” Sometimes she says things that are nothing more than a whisper, other times it’s a whole conversation.

Last night, it was all about shoes!

“I didn’t leave my shoes there!” was what she said while sleeping last night. I can’t imagine what she was dreaming about… I just assume she was yelling at me for moving her shoes.

Our web editor extraordinaire also has a funny story… his niece, who just started pre-school, has been sleep talking like a pro lately… about things no one thought she knew anything about. She doesn’t eat donuts… but she’s been talking in her sleep about someone who keeps taking her donuts from her!


Anyway, this got us talking about a blog by a woman who keeps tabs on her husband who sleep talks all the time. (Some of it is not for young ears!)

Try It Out HERE >

This morning, we asked people if they, or their significant other, have some strange sleep activities… and they did, including a “sleep laugher” and a “sleep singer!”

Listen Below!



What about YOU? Do you have a sleep walker, sleep talker or sleep cooker in your house? Let us know what it’s like and give us a funny anecdote in the comments section below!


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