When I was a kid my mom used to tell me that if I swallowed my gum it would stay in my stomach for seven years…and I believed her!!

So we got to thinking about those little untruths mom and dad used to lay on us to keep us in line.

And Producer Craig’s Gram (our very own Jammin With Gram star) told him he was going to be kidnapped by a very specific group of people if he wasn’t a good boy…

Well, Jim and I didn’t believe that the Gram we knew would threaten Producer Craig with such a heinous act so we decided to call her and we found out she wasn’t the only one who used that threat…

And then the childhood fibs that parents told started rolling in…including Mosadi’s mom’s lie about sandwich crusts and Dallas’ untruth to her kindergarten class about Santa’s reindeer…

Timmy’s parents used a hobo as a threat, Kimberly worried about a monster and Sherry’s mom had a doozie about bay leaves..


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