It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game show…. WHAT’S PAULA DRINKING?!

If this is the type of quality TV highlights that will be coming from the live shows of the X FACTOR this season, I CAN’T WAIT!

In this video, not only is Paula Abdul GULPING from her Pepsi cup, she goes on to spit her RED Pepsi all over the stage after Simon makes a comment she finds funny. Click on to see the video I can’t stop laughing at!


While we were watching X FACTOR live this week, my BF and I started cracking up at Paula literally GULPING her on stage beverage like she was downing a BIG GULP. She takes several swigs, stops, cracks a weird ass smile like she’s thinking “MMMMM,” then goes back for MORE and spits it all over the stage!

The part I find most amusing about this video is the fact that she’s clearly not drinking Pepsi as the drink she spits all over is RED!

So let’s play a new little game I thought would be fun… it’s called “WHAT’S PAULA DRINKING?!” Vote below and let us know what you think Paula’s red beverage is… it’s clearly delicious!

Something else, you think? Comment below and let us know!


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