You know when you went trick or treating with your friends on Halloween, there were always those homes that gave away the single lollipops, or the small bag of pennies, or the ball of popcorn that your mom wouldn’t let you eat.

What kind of candy do kids really want?

Kit Kats? Candy Corn? In an effort to make sure Jim’s house is NOT the house on the block that gives away the “cheap” candy, Jim canvased the neighborhood and asked the kids what kind of candy they REALLY wanted for Halloween!

[photogallerylink id=60124]

It’s true… you never want to be the grumpy old guy on the block doling out apples, pennies and bags of Honey Nut Cheerios. That’ll just get your house toilet papered later in the evening by the costumed degenerates filling the streets with eggs and shaving cream.

Just ask our web guy!

So what exactly do kids want in their trick-or-treat bags? Find out below!



What will YOU be giving out this year? Leave us a comment below so we know which houses to hit up (or not!)…


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[photogallerylink id=59948]

[photogallerylink id=58813]


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