There’s just something about that Lohan family, they just can’t seem to stay out of jail.

While his daughter was busy showing her naughty bits to Playboy photographers (yes, she’s posing for Playboy… and yes, “Eeew!”), Michael Lohan was busy manhandling his on-again off-again girlfriend Kate Major.

Papa Lohan was arrested in the wee hours of the morning after police were called regarding a fight in Major’s apartment.

BTW: Major has notoriously terrible taste in men, before dating Michael Lohan she was coupled up with Jon Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

She can really pick some winners, huh?!

Anyway, according to, upon approaching the apartment the police heard a woman’s voice yell “stop” and “leave me alone.” According to police, when he answered the door Lohan was “wearing only shorts, and was out of breath/sweating.”

“He immediately got defensive, saying, ‘Everything is OK and nothing happened here,'” police said. “The victim started yelling in the background for us to help her because he was lying. We separated the two at this time.”

Major claims that Lohan became violent when she refused to… um… how do I say this on a good wholesome site like this? She refused to eat his banana. That works, I guess.

Oh wait, it gets even better…

Lohan proceeded to feign chest pains in order to be taken to the hospital where he then tried to sneak out. Unfortunately for him the cops noticed and he was taken into custody once again and booked for domestic violence.

Classy family, that Lohan clan.

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God I hope someone caught this on video… and adds “Yakety Sax” to it!


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