Unfortunately, Your Marriage Didn’t Work Out the Way You Wanted It To… How About a Divorce Party?!

I just received an invitation for my very first Divorce Party!

Now, normally I wouldn’t celebrate something like the end of a marriage, but my friend has been in and out of court for two years in what has become a very contentious divorce, so this is a great way for her to blow off steam.

Let’s face it, ladies, we love a party and I absolutely can’t wait to see what she has in store after receiving my incredibly cool invitation…

divorcei now pronounce you over and done with card p137179562944690840vdun 3251 Unfortunately, Your Marriage Didnt Work Out the Way You Wanted It To... How About a Divorce Party?!

Makes you want to go to the party doesn’t it?!

So, we called Christine Gallagher from DivorcePartyPlanner.com to find out what we can expect from a Divorce Party -  including Hooters, hot waiters and of course… cocktails!!!!


Have you ever been to a divorce party? Let us know what it was like in the comments section below!


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