Theater Review: Mary Poppins On Broadway

Hands, down one of my top five favorite shows I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’m fully aware this is a show for kids but I swear the ads you see all the time in the taxi are true!

Read on to discover the Broadway magic that only Disney (and perhaps Julie Taymor) could pull off!

PS, the Julie Taymor reference was a joke. Spiderman don’t have nothin’ on Poppins!

So I have seen Mary Poppins a total of three times and loved it every time. Whenever I have someone come into town to visit that has never seen a Broadway show, this show is always right near the top of my list. Here’s why:

1. It’s a great story that everyone knows.

I brought my eight year old brother and my 50 year old dad last year and they both loved it. Granted, dad fell asleep but that’s only because he had a frozen beverage from Dallas BBQ’s beforehand and was pretty hammered. FYI: It’s not proper theater etiquette to snore during a show. Thank God we were in the rear mezzanine.

2. The set is RIDICULOUS.

Hands down, the coolest on Broadway in my opinion. It’s total Disney magic. I won’t go into details about this because I want you to be as amazed as I was the first time I saw this production.

3. The music is FUN.

Songs most people know (Just a Teaspoon of Sugar, etc) which always makes a show more enjoyable in my opinion.

4. The cast is stellar.

I’m sure it’s a different cast right now than the last time I saw it but I have full faith in the Disney Co to only cast the BEST. One of my favorite parts is when Mary Poppins literally flies over the audience. MAGIC!

5. The show has some good discount tickets available.

Right now I just got a code emailed to me for $97 orchestra seats (normally $137) for shows 10/18-1/8/12. To take advantage of this deal use code NY95 when you buy tickets by clicking here >

Mary Poppins: Add this one to your Broadway to-do list!

Thoughts on this show? Want me to review something else for you? Comment below and let me know!


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