Do You Remember the First Time You Got Your Ears Pierced?

This morning we got to talking about how old we were the first time someone in the mall aimed a gun loaded with studs at our ears (other body parts…a different conversation for a different time…preferably when it’s dark and there are cocktails). Angelina Jolie just took her 5- and 6-year-old girls to get their ears pierced…I was 5 when my mom took me, but I was there when my niece got her ears pierced and she was REALLY young!!

We took my niece Maddee to get her ears pierced when she was 6-months old…it was just the girls…mommy,  Aunt Kiki and Maddee. We got them done by the pediatrician and when that first ear was pierced, there was a moment of complete, shocked silence and then all hell broke loose!! She screamed loudly and in perfect pitch, making the second ear a real joy to do…I think I might have cried more holding her down. But now she’s a beautiful 3-year old with pierced ears.

So this morning we asked you to share your ear-piercing stories and Lisa had TWO little 6-month-old girls get their ears pierced at the same time…


So we decided to go right to the source of all things pierced and called the Piercing Pagoda (also fun to say) in Staten Island and Gina schooled us on the average age they see, who are the biggest babies and what is fashionable about wearing a hammer in your ear lobe as if it is a tool belt…


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