Wrapping your head around the plethora of new television options this fall can be pretty overwhelming. Most of the shows are going to be four-episode wonders; in-and-out of your life as fast as a fair-weather friend.

Don’t worry. Your best friend that lives in your living room will be lit up with a diverse array of  fantastic fall programming. We’ve compiled a cheat sheet of the Top 10 Television Shows For The Fall Season for your ease.

10. 2 Broke Girls 

Starring Kat Dennings and Beth Berhs as two diametrically-opposite down-on-their-luck waitresses, 2 Broke Girls is a new comedy sitcom from CBS. Dennings is the sexy, sarcastic, modern version of the Janeane Garfalo-type character and her comedic timing is great.

If the writers get their pop culture facts right, this show has great potential and it’s a great female foil to male-centric shows of the same vein like Two And A Half Men.

9. Bedlam

Bedlam is a fictional British ghost show set around an insane asylum turned cool apartment building called Bedlam Heights. Obviously, the spirits go wild and want to reclaim their territory from the hip new inhabitants.

The show is pure supernatural eye candy complete with crush-worthy British accents and spectacular special effects.

8. Once Upon A Time

From Lost producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, Once Upon A Time is a surreal journey into the gruesome reality of fairytales. The lead character, Emma Swan, is used to living a hard life, even giving up her baby ten years earlier. Her son finds her and believes that Swan ran away to escape an Evil fairytale Queen’s curse.

The premise of the show sounds a little obtuse, but the same could be said of Lost, which became a huge hit, even with its absurd forays into metaphor. Treated right, Once Upon A Time could be a modern classic.

7. Person of Interest

Person of Interest  is a new CBS series created by Dark Knight writer Jonathan Nolan and co-produced by Lost‘s J.J. Abrams.

The show stars Jim Caviezel and Emmy-winning Michael Emerson and is a realistic crime-thriller which plays on our fears of Big Brother, but also those of elusive terrorists. With modern surveillance technology and CIA intelligence, the crime-fighting duo are seemingly able to pin down a “person of interest” who may be the crime’s victim or criminal.

As long as Person of Interest maintains some semblance of realistic intrigue rather than pathos, the show could be a hit with those with love thrilling crime shows.

6. Up All Night

A tongue-in-cheek comedy about being a new parent, Christina Applegate and Will Arnett star as a young, inexperienced couple who have to forego their professional and party lifestyle in order to deal with the ups-and-downs of parenthood. Maya Rudolph plays Applegate’s hilarious, clueless boss.

While the show falls into moments of schtick, Applegate and Rudolph have fabulous comedic timing with each other, while Arnett lights up the screen. The acting is spot on. Hopefully, the show’s writers can keep up with their talent.

5. Hell on Wheels

A Deadwood-esque show set in an 1860s boom town centered around the Transcontinental Railroad, this vintage-looking show is part historical drama and part action-revenge Western thriller. Besides the industrialization of America, a big part of the plot centers around a one-time Confederate soldier who wants to kill the man who murdered his wife.

As a huge fan of historical television shows like Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men, this show has lots of potential as long as it keeps the dialogue snappy and doesn’t forego detail-oriented period research.

4. Enlightened 

Enlightened is a show starring Laura Dern as a once successful businesswoman who has meltdown at work. While most with get fired, Dern’s character is sent away to relax and reach “enlightenment.”

A smart, well-directed show, Enlightened seems like a sophisticated tragi-comedy that creatively encapsulates the modern existential crisis of mankind.

Enlightened definitely has Emmy potential–as long as it doesn’t get too cheesy with the “positivity.”

3. Angry Boys 

Australian Chris Lilley humorously delves into the coming of age of young men by playing six different characters like a professional skateboarder, a pair of twin brothers, and a Japanese mom.

This comedy ticks all the boxes for something new, interesting, provocative and out-of-the-box. Hopefully though, the jokes don’t get too offensive.

2. Free Agents

An American re-make of a British situational comedy, Free Agents gives us an in-depth look in the ofttimes sordid (or just plain boring) lives of two public relations executives– a divorced man and a “widowed” woman (her fiancé is recently deceased). The two are attracted to each other. You know how that story goes.

The best part of Free Agents is the inclusion of  the hilarious Anthony Head who plays the boss in the both the UK and US adaptations.

1. American Horror Story

Starring huge names like Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange and boasting the producing talent of Glee‘s Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story is one of the most talked about new series of the season–in both good and bad ways, thanks to its provocative nature.

Much like many of the other shows debuting this fall, American Horror Story is a gorgeously filmed drama about an on-the-outs couple who move  into a haunted house.

Despite the Glee-tie, this show is a late-night, not-for-the-kiddies spectacle of horrors and dark, psycho-sexual drama. From the trailer, this show looks like it hearkens back to the old Alfred Hitchcock days, with storytelling that hasn’t been done effectively in a long time.

  • Do you agree with our list of television shows? If not, let us know what you’ve been watching (and digging) in the comments!

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