Jim & Kim: Help Jim’s Wife with Her Fall “Honey Do” List!

After every summer the time comes when some of us, men and women, have to fix a few things that have taken a beating throughout the season. Whether that means you’re breaking out the power washer, hammer or spackle… there’s something bound to come up.

On the other hand, some of just get to tell someone else what to do. That’s the most fun job of all!

Jim and his wife, Cupcake, are letting us into their little world this week by letting the listeners vote on which job on Cupcake’s “Honey Do” list he’ll have to document the completion of over the weekend. Yes, not only does he have to do the job, he has to lug around a camera and take good pics, just so we can all delight in his misfortune.

honey do 3 Jim & Kim: Help Jims Wife with Her Fall Honey Do List!

As you can see, Jim’s wife has several jobs on her “Honey Do” list.

What’s a “Honey Do” list? You know, like… “Honey, DO this or ELSE!”

Your votes will determine which job he’ll have to complete this weekend! Jim & Kim will announce on Friday morning which job you have chosen. He’ll take “before” photos, then pictures during the process, and “after” pictures as well.

The jobs are as follows:


Cement by the door…

There is a gap between the stop step of their stoop and the house. Jim needs to fill it with cement. (Without cementing himself to it!)


Clean shed…

Bicycles, old screens, grass seed, old garden tools… it’s time for that junk to go, Jim!


Stones by the walkway…

Over the years, the old stone pathway has become an eyesore. The weeds have taken over. Get going on it, Jim!

Job #4

Anchor post base…

The small posts in front of Jim’s house have a small collar at the base that needs to be secured to the ground. They’re just floating around now. Come on, Jim, the neighbors are starting to complain!

By the way, the “buy diamonds for your wife” is not part of the jobs! Just wishful thinking on the part of Jim’s wife, Cupcake.

Vote now!!!


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One Comment

  1. Tina Villalobos says:

    I’ll hire myself out to fix the house while Jim shops for your diamonds!
    Mrs. Fix it

  2. Bonnie says:

    Jim, do the cement by the door. Also, did you finally finish the moldings in the basement or where ever they were in yor house? If not, finish them. And get the diamond earrings as well!

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