In a recent interview with E! Online, Kelly Clarkson opened up and revealed five things her fans may not know about her. The original American Idol winner dishes about the gay rumors circulating, The X Factor and working with Adele.

1. Gay rumors:  Clarkson said she doesn’t care who is or is not gay, but she is straight.

“People keep saying I’m gay, and I’m not.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never made out with a girl. It’s just not helping me because I’m straight. No boy wants to hit on me because I make mean songs about them, and they think I’m gay.”

93312822 Five Things You May Not Know About Kelly Clarkson

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

2. The X Factor: Although Kelly loves American Idol, she is watching former judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul on The X Factor. Claiming to have given The Voice a chance, Clarkson seems to be an equal-opportunity vocal-competition-show-watcher.

Check out Kelly Clarkson winning the very first American Idol:

85268293 Five Things You May Not Know About Kelly Clarkson

Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

3. She’s Trained to Sell Vacuum Cleaners: Like many Hollywood stars, Kelly held a series of odd jobs before she hit it big on Idol. And while it’s not unusual to waitress or bartend before making it, Kelly’s got a longer list of employment that includes some truly wacky gigs.

Besides cocktail waitressing, she’s worked at Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, Subway and a comedy club. And she was trained to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. Not that she was ever in line to make employee of the month.

“I didn’t make it because we went to the first door, and the guy was like broop! I was so embarrassed about it I just walked to the nearest gas station.”

Check out Kelly’s new single “Mr. Know it All”:

Kelly Clarkson

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

4. Kelly Owns Pigs: The singer says she is a huge animal lover and admits to having a soft spot when it comes to taking in rescues—of any kind. And yes, that includes pigs.

“We have horses and dogs and goats and pigs and a bunch of, you know, donkeys. We have everything, but we rescue them because there’s so many animals that get left behind, nowhere to go. I’ve had animals that are blind, deaf.”

Check out one of  Kelly Clarkson’s biggest hits:
adele Five Things You May Not Know About Kelly Clarkson

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

5. Kelly Wants to Collaborate With Adele: When asked who a dream duet would be, Kelly said she’d love to work with the “Rolling in the Deep” singer.

“I love Adele, that would be a great collaboration, I really want to do it, I will put it out there for you,” she says. “I just don’t care if it’s just an awards show backstage.”

She jokes she’d even take the opportunity in a ladies bathroom, if that were her only option. “Yeah, good acoustics in there,” she says. “I just love her voice.”

Can you imagine that Duo? Check out these videos from Kelly Clarkson and Adele to refresh your memory:



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