The Price Of “Going Straight”

I was born with naturally curly hair thanks to a beautiful combination of an African American father and a Native American mother. I absolutely love my curly mane! And the bigger it is the more I love it as it acts as my musical theme song for entering a room in grand style LOL (the diva in me).

But every now and then I get the urge to go straight.

Now, for all my fellow curly girls out there, you know what a tremendous feat this can be, especially if you try to do it yourself.

I have tried this several times and the outcome was not desirable in the least. So, like most, I make the trek to a professional who can turn my curly q’s straight with no problem. But make no mistake about it, the cost will be high (and I don’t mean dollars).

In order to achieve these “straight” results, I have to surrender to what I call “Bertha.” Bertha will work wonders for me but I will pay the price by sitting for a minimum of one hour with what feels like a 30 pound helmet on my head as it blows out heat that’s so hot, I have to wear ear covers.

Shout out to those who are quite familiar with “Bertha”…

img 0229 The Price Of Going Straight

In the end, I’m happy with the results even if it’s short term as my curly q’s will reappear in less than two days. But it’s all good. I just pay ole Bertha another visit and I’ll be straight again!


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