Have You Been the Victim of Dog Rage?!

I was out walking my Bailey and Allie in the West Village the other day and I ran into the meanest old lady! My girls are 8-year old Black Labs. They are sisters and rescue dogs and the sweetest most loving creatures you’d ever want to meet. It is not unusual for people to stop us and pet them and coo over how beautiful they are (says the proud mommy) and that’s exactly what happened…

Until the Wicked Witch of the West Village got all up on us!!!!

A very kind, elderly gentleman and his daughter stopped us with compliments, so we took a moment to chat… off to the left of the sidewalk… leaving plenty of room for anyone to pass… including this charming (sarcasm) woman and her poodle. She started screaming at us to move over so she could pass – apparently the entire right half of the sidewalk was not enough for her and her pocket-sized dog.

I kindly pointed out that my dogs were friendly and she should have plenty of room. She launched into a tirade about how I had no idea if her dog was mean and that I had two dogs and was taking up too much room on the sidewalk (and presumably in the world). She was so ridiculous that everyone’s mouthes just dropped open.

So my question is… is there such a thing as dog rage? We turned to my Aunt Nancy who is a licensed therapist to find out all about dog rage…


Have you ever had an incidence of dog rage? How did you handle it? Because when it comes to my girls, I’m one protective, mean momma!! Share your dog rage story in the comments section below!


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One Comment

  1. matt t says:

    don’t you feel for helpless dogs trapped with obnoxious owners? only hope that witch treats that poodle like a PRINCESS at home, cause like kim says, dogs can FEEL the toxic vibes in a situation like that and makes them uncomfortable.

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