Matthew Fox Punches Woman in Lady Parts, Completes His Jersey Shore Audition

What’s Matthew Fox been doing since LOST went off the air? Umm… punching women in the boobs in Ohio, that’s what.

Yup, the former Party of Five hunk apparently has no reservations about hitting women. According to TMZ, Fox got violent outside a bar in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night.

Matty-boy really wanted to get on a party bus full of women that was parked outside the bar he was throwing ’em back at. When the woman driving the bus told him that he was not invited (is there a panty raid law for Ohio buses?), dude punched her in the chest and pubic area.

No, that word is not missing an L.

The woman fought back, allegedly punching Fox in the mouth. An off duty police officer was there, saw the whole thing and proceeded to detain Fox until some on-duty cops could show up. A friend of the out-of-work actor picked him up at the police station; he has yet to be charged formally for the assault.

Party buses are cool, I understand the desire, but we just don’t go around punching people in the vag, Matt!

snooki Matthew Fox Punches Woman in Lady Parts, Completes His Jersey Shore Audition


Now, if you’re looking for a spot on Jersey Shore, you’ll just have to aim a little higher.

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