With the markets in flux worldwide, the only choice we have left is to start screaming! (Thanks, Ren and Stimpy.) While we watch our fortunes fluctuate like a jump rope at the double-dutch championship, here’s some suggested listening:

1. “The Moneymaker” by Rilo Kiley

Jenny Lewis is my idea of a rainmaker.

2. “Can’t Buy Me Love” by the Beatles

Still not traded on the stock exchange.

3. “Money (That’s What I Want)” by the Beatles

The flip side to the above.

4. “Moneygrabber” by Fitz and the Tantrums

Greed, for lack of a better term, is not good.

5. “Money Changes Everything” by the Brains

The ultimate track about the double-edged nature of riches. Cindy Lauper does a good take too.

6. “The Wall Street Shuffle” by 10cc

Just move your feet up and down and keep going sideways.

7. “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” by Derek and the Dominos

Something to look forward to when the account hits zero.

8. “Pretty Green” by the Jam

The vending machine is a safe investment and you can always shake it if you have to.

9. “Beg, Steal or Borrow” by Ray Lamontagne

3 alternative revenue streams.

10. “Money” by Pink Floyd

Still ringing up sales over four decades later.

11. “Everything is Turning to Gold” by the Rolling Stones

From a time when it was about 40 dollars an ounce.

12. “For the Love of Money” by the O’Jays

The root of many evils, Philadelphia-soul style.

13. “Rip It Up” by Little Richard

Fun time on payday.

14. “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?” by Blind Alfred Reed

A depression era (the other one) song also done by Ry Cooder.

15. “Broke and Hungry” by Junior Wells

A double-dip classic.

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16. “Earn Enough for Us” by XTC

The working week from Andy Partridge point of view.

17. “Money Makes the Monkey Dance” by Nil Lara

Do you think bananas grow on trees?

18. “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits

About what savings accounts return these days.

19. “Just Got Paid” by ZZ Top

From the days before direct deposit.

20. “Bankrobber” by the Clash

Who’s wearing the mask, now?


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