South Beach, Atkins, Dukan… We’ve all seen weird diet fads whirlwind into popularity. (Only to fall by the wayside when we promise to have ‘just ONE M&M’)

But I bet you haven’t heard this before: the French “Le Forking” diet only allows foods you can eat with a fork. Too bad Elle Magazine claims, “no it’s not legal to grab a cheeseburger and gnaw.”

Darn it.

In theory, the diet seems semi-logical. High-starch foods like bread and fatty meats are off limits, while veggies are fair game.

But here’s the dirty little secret: the French don’t eat anything with a fork. Cake is prohibited, since the French eat desserts with spoons. Fruit is out, since apparently you eat fruit with your fingers. Eggs? ‘Of course not’ say the French; you eat eggs with a knife and/or spoon.

WAI YU NO UZE FORK FRANCE? I want my cake. Fruit is blatantly eaten with forks. And I demand to know why scrambled eggs/omelets are inaccessible.

These rules are ridiculous. Yeah, maybe I’ll go on the Forking diet. But only if I can spear McMuffins and gnaw them off the prongs. Screw you, Elle Magazine.

France: This is why you lose wars.

What do you think? Will you try the new fad diet? Comment!


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