The Happy Meal is probably the most famous fast food order there is. Young kids order them, broke college kids like myself order them, and even adults order them. Who doesn’t love the cute little box your McNuggets, Burger, and fries come in? A happy meal just makes you… happy (mainly because it’s CHEAP)!

Well, it seems that not everyone is so happy about these meals. After years and years of being plagued for not paying attention to the state…or should I say…WEIGHT of Americans today, McDonalds is finally making healthy moves.

This kid looooves apple slices, see!

Beginning in September, coinciding with the start of school, the classic happy meal will be undergoing a healthier change.  Your happy meal will still include either your burger or nuggets with fries and a drink BUT NOW it comes with an additional serving of apple slices.

APPLE SLICES?! Like, an Apple? Like, from a tree?

It gets better. With the apple slices on the starting line up, french fries are being relegated to second string as they are cutting the size of the fries in HALF! Blown.  Additionally, milk has been added to the available drinks to get with your happy meal.  Gotta get those strong bones and teeth early, kids!

BUT THIS IS THE KICKER: If you are a young child wanting a happy meal, your parents can ask for NO FRIES and DOUBLE the amount of apples.  I understand the health concern for young children, but McDonalds shouldn’t have to be responsible for that. PARENT YOUR CHILD!

Thank the LORD I am an adult!  If my momma told me I couldn’t have fries, I would lose it!


Do YOU like this change? Let us know in the comments section below!


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