Brooke Mueller Goes to Mexico to Take Even More Drugs

If anyone is more of a mess than Charlie Sheen, it’s his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

And now, according to TMZ, Brooke is heading to Cancun to go to a week long drug rehabilitation program that features a drug called Ibogaine. Ibogaine is not legal in the United States.

Though the drug is illegal, it is purported to have addiction breaking properties to substances like alcohol, cocaine, methadone and heroin. Skeptical? Brooke’s not, she’s “confident it will “rewire” her brain to break her addictions.”

This chick is straight up nuts. She hinted to the tabloids that she and Charlie were going to get back together. This came only a few short months after her divorce finalized.

The former Mrs. Sheen was recently hospitalized, and was kicked off a flight for being, well crazy. The outburst had her removed from a Mexico bound United Airlines flight.

Still, she is not giving up on going south of the border; she’s still set on going to that extreme rehab center in Cancun.

Charlie Sheen says he’s on a drug too… the ‘Charlie Sheen’ drug. Weirdo.

Poor Bob and Max, both of your parents are total loonies. At least they’re rich and can get you nannies.


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