The Internet is so strange, it’s hard to pinpoint the most ridiculous web phenomenons. The mildly accurate historical series “Drunk History?” Inspired. The “nyan nyan” cat video? Kinda weird. 90s pop band Smash Mouth promising to eat eggs for charity? WAT.

Ok… so does the lead singer of Smash Mouth (Steve Harwell) just really like eggs?

No. It seems that the plan was concocted entirely by Internet inside-jokiness. John Hendren, a writer for the humor site “Something Awful,” and his friends began obsessing over the no-longer-popular band on the Something Awful forums. Over time, and for unexplanable reasons, eggs and Smash Mouth became linked by these strange geeks living in their mothers’ basements.

The dweebs took to Twitter, and began pleading with Steve Harwell to eat 24 eggs for charity.

Over time, the meme was picked up by hundreds of others. Some fans got hold of Harwell’s phone number; the singer received calls begging him to take the challenge. Spin-off videos inevitably followed:

And so, for no apparent reason, Smash Mouth promised to eat 24 eggs for charity when $10,000 is pledged to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. As of today, the page “Smash Mouth, Eat the Eggs,” has $7,234.56 pledged.

I don’t get it. But I like eggs. I like Smash Mouth, if not semi-ironically. Oh the power of nerds. Donate so we can see this unpopular 90s band do something weird!

Read More Here [Gawker]


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