Dutch artist duo Lernert & Sander had a mission, they wanted to apply 365 layers of makeup in one day to see how much is needed to go from a natural look to an outrageous one.

If you were looking for some inspiration to wash your face, watch the vid now!

With the help of seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of blush, three lip glosses, two bottles of cream eyeshadow, and one extremely patient model they completed the task in 9-hours.

The Dutch duo is famous for its strange, but also strangely appealing, demonstrations. The most well-known is their video, “Chocolate Bunny,” which gives us three creative ways to melt our Easter treats if the situation happens to arise.

But don’t worry! The model is entirely safe. Lernert and Sander coated their unsuspecting male intern with the same makeup: “We tested a 100-layer session a few days before on our intern, who is a man. We wanted to make sure that this amount of makeup wouldn’t kill a person. It didn’t kill our intern so we trusted everything would be fine on Hannelore [the model].”

Unfortunately, the model did have to forgo solid foods for the duration of the makeup application process. Apparently “everything she ate or drank came from a straw: juice, and a granola and yogurt mix.” Experimental art is hard work! (I’m not even sure if I’m completely sarcastic or completely serious.)

I’m guessing there’s some sort of message here about the absurdity of the beauty industry, but really it just makes me want to dive head first into a jar of Noxzema.

Read More Here [TIME]

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