Most Memorable Movie Dads

Fact: Dads… love… movies.

Watching movies is a high priority on every dad’s list, right behind barbecuing and firing a semi-automatic weapon. Many dads, like mine, shell out top dollar for premium channels. Between HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz, he has well over a hundred channels to surf through and couldn’t be happier. Seamlessly transitioning from a John Wayne Western to a Die Hard marathon without missing a second of footage is an art my father has mastered.

And being that it is Father’s Day, we’ve decided to take a look at a few memorable movie dads. Some tried too hard to make every family outing memorable, while others tried to murder their son and rule the galaxy with an iron, Force wielding fist. Either way, they are unforgettable.

Clark Griswold

clarkgriswald Most Memorable Movie Dads

Video still from ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’

Clark Griswold always tried waaayyyyyy too hard. But it was all to make his unappreciative family happy. And like many dads, he had a breaking point. And boy, when he lost it, he reeeaaalllllyyyyy lost it.

There were a ton of memorable clips, but most of them involve Clark and his potty mouth. For that, you get a trailer.


mufasa1 Most Memorable Movie Dads

Video still from ‘The Lion King’

Mufasa was the King of the Jungle. He was brave, ruled with honor, and was a great dad. And like any other father, he would think twice about risking his life to save his child.

You’re about to watch one of the saddest moments in movie history, but it serves as a reminder that you get only one dad and you need to cherish him.

Oh, and before I forget… DAMN YOU SCAAAARRRRRR!!!!!

Mr. Levenstein

mr levenstein1 Most Memorable Movie Dads

Video still from ‘American Pie’

Mr. Levenstein is proof that one of the toughest things to do as a father is having those special “talks” that every growing boy needs to hear. They’re awkward, no matter how you approach them. And just trying to bring up the subject of… well, let’s have this short clip from American Pie show you what I mean.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Professor Henry Jones

professor henry jones1 Most Memorable Movie Dads

Professor Henry Jones wasn’t a great father. He was rarely there and very distant. But he did love his son, and nothing beats an adventure with dad.

Oh… and always remember the Charlemagne.

Darth Vader (Spoiler Alert!)

darth vader1 Most Memorable Movie Dads

Video still from ‘Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back’

He accidentally kills your mom, kidnapped your sister, cut’s off your hand, then drops the “No, I am your father” bomb on you. Geez DV, you have to ease into stuff like this.

Luke and Anakin had a rough time. But in the end, dad saw through years of dark side brain washing and made the ultimate sacrifice for his baby boy. Momma would have been proud… if she was still alive of course.

Sonny Koufax

Video still from "Big Daddy"

Video still from ‘Big Daddy’

A dad that generally ceases to get mentioned on Fathers Day is the adoptive father like Sonny Koufax. He reluctantly took the reigns on raising his best friend’s child and taught him important life lessons like how to pee on a wall, and the value of a good McDonald’s breakfast. Which, by the way, ends at 10:30 am, not 11:00 am.

Dr. Robert Doback

stepbrotherspic Most Memorable Movie Dads

Video still from ‘Step Brothers’

This man was exceptionally great at forgiveness. He took in Brennan as his own when he married Brennan’s mother, and even forgave his two overgrown man-children when they crashed the boat he planned to sail around the world in. And when Brennan and Dale were struggling to make ends meet at the Catalina Wine Mixer, who was there? Dr. Robert Doback. That’s who.


1975 18683 1 Most Memorable Movie Dads

Video still from ‘Superman’

Though he gets killed off, he goes down nobly–saving his son. Jor-El chose to send his son Superman to Earth making all men to follow seem inadequate. So maybe not the best choice for mankind? Take that how you will.


Video still from 'Finding Nemo'

Video still from ‘Finding Nemo’

Laugh at this one all you want, but when was the last time your dad swam across an ocean for you? That’s what I thought you said. Granted, you probably aren’t in a fish tank against your will right now . If you are, that’s more impressive…and a little alarming.

Ben Stone

ben stone Most Memorable Movie Dads

Video still from ‘Knocked Up’

It’s not often we hear Cinderella stories like this stoner-turned-responsible-father, Ben Stone. Like most great love stories, Alison Scott turns up pregnant after what was supposed to be a one-night deal (mostly because she’s ashamed to be seen with Ben in public…been there). In turn, Ben plays to his strengths– his sense of humor and newly developed fatherly instincts.

Since there are literally no scenes without f-bombs, here’s a trailer.

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