Which Celeb Is Being Sued for Spreading STDs?

microbes herpes Which Celeb Is Being Sued for Spreading STDs?

Microbes Plushie via ThinkGeek

This is just a nightmare for everyone!

A mystery plaintiff (gender unknown) is suing a mystery celebrity (male) for $20 million in damages, after that celebrity knowingly gave them the herp!

According to TMZ, the claimant says that they a sexual fling in Las Vegas, but before hand they had asked the celeb about their STD status and they had assured them that they were clean as a whistle.

Yeah a big, herpes filled whistle…

The claimant even has video footage of the sex act that led to their infection and is bringing it to court.

If the lawsuit doesn’t work out, the there are more moolah options for the newly herpified; porn companies are competing to get their hands on the video, one even offering a million bucks for the footage without ever seeing it or knowing who the celeb is. Apparently, there’s a whole group of people called ‘bug chasers’ that knowingly seek out sex with STD infected partners.

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Ummm, I had to judge, but that’s just nasty.

Who do you think the secret celeb is? What we know is that he’s a dude and that he’s an A-lister and he’s famous on an international scale. Leave your best guesses in the comments section below!

If you’re interested in getting some herpes (plushie doll seen above) of your own, check out ThinkGeek.com >


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