19143805 The Real Life Elastic Man... You KNOW You Want to Look!!!

Make it STOP!

There are certain things I try not to look at - but just cannot help myself. Enter, Mr. Elastic.

Moses Lanham can completely rotate his feet around so that his toes point the opposite direction… a full 120 degrees – and he can run that way – with his feet backwards!!! You know you want to look. I tried to convince myself for a full five minutes that I was above such ridiculous urges that would make me want to see something so freaky. I was wrong.

Completely wrong.

I had to look… and so do you!

mr  elastic 300x168 The Real Life Elastic Man... You KNOW You Want to Look!!!

"Hey Ladies!"

Aaaaaah!!! I totally used this picture to creep out Jim and Craig this morning. Every time they would come near my computer I would bring up the picture! Hey, if I’m creeped out, might as well pass it on!

This guy is from Michigan and about to set a new Guinness World record. Maybe they can put him in between the heaviest twins on those motorcycles that look like bicycles under them and that guy with those really gross, long fingernails.

fat twins on motorcycles The Real Life Elastic Man... You KNOW You Want to Look!!!

Shooting for the stars!

My question? How do you discover you can even do this?!

Apparently, he figured it out when he was 14 and fell while climbing the rope in gym. But it doesn’t actually hurt him to do it.

Just my luck I would start dating a guy and realize in a very intimate moment that he can turn his feet completely backwards… might kill the mood, don’t you think? And it might freak out anyone trying to give him a pedicure!

Look he’s even got a MySpace page! Wait, MySpace, really?

Read More About Mr. Elastic HERE >


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