compstalking Social Networking or Ex Stalking?

Social networking or stalking?

Social networking  has made connecting with others virtually effortless. However, when you breakup with your significant other it can get somewhat complex. For example, what is the proper online etiquette when breaking up with that special someone? More importantly, do you remove them from your friends list in order to avoid stalking? Read on and find out what the majority of online users are saying…

So, just how many people keep their ex as an online friend post relationship?

The online website, says 59% of people remain Facebook friends with an ex after they’ve broken up and close to half of the people polled said they look at their ex’s social networking profile often. To make things even juicier, 42% of married people admitted to still checking their ex’s profile on the regular! Yikes, better check your spouse’s browsing history!

Overall,  74% of people polled openly admitted to online stalking an ex at some point or another. Is this creepy? Seeing as how the majority of people admit to doing it, maybe it’s kosher?

That being said, have you ever checked up on an ex? Even the one you can’t stand… you know, in the hopes that he or she is balding, missing a few teeth, and has gained a few extra pounds!

Have you ever stalked an ex online? Let us know in the comment section below!


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