fort sumter1 Found Photo: Where the Heck IS This?!

Where Am I?!?

I need your help! Ever go through your digital camera, see a picture you know you’ve taken and can’t remember anything about it whatsoever?! Where IS this?!

Please, before I have to ask my wife, help me! Read on!

Before we had digital cameras, remember you used to go to the little Fotomat kiosk in the middle of a parking lot somewhere, or maybe you went to one of the big drugstore chains to have your pictures “developed”. (Kids, ask your parents what “developed” means…you’ll laugh so hard!) trans Found Photo: Where the Heck IS This?!

When you got your pictures home you’d, hopefully, write on the back what the picture was of, when you took it and put them in a drawer somewhere or maybe in a photo album. But now, with digital cameras and memory cards that hold a bazillion pictures, I lose track of what they are.

Of course, I never download them onto the computer, that would take a total of 10 or 15 seconds that I don’t have time for. It’s so much more fun looking at a thousand pictures on the 2 inch camera screen. Heaven forbid if my wife, Cupcake, asks me to print one out for framing. That job is now built into my teenagers allowance.

And what about a digital frame?

Yes, I have one. It looks so good sitting in the box, waiting for that garage sale.

So here’s the problem. I can’t remember where this picture was taken or even what it might be. I know my wife will know, but like any good husband, I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO ASK HER! Can you help?

Leave your guesses in the comments section below and tell me one of YOUR stories of pictures you have which you have NO CLUE about where or when they were taken, so I don’t feel like the only pinhead.  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll say something that will help me remember where it is.  If I can’t, I’ll ask my bride… but I’d rather find a Fotomat and have them “develop” my bazillion pitures.


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