Fresh Styles: Stay Classy With Amy's Conservative Look

Amy Winehouse

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

The always soulful, Amy Winehouse, has a style that matches her lifestyle – first class all the way baby! The singer is known throughout the world for her conservative approach to both fashion and every day life.

Amy may have taken a break from music but she’s very much involved in everything fashion. Not only has she launched her own Fred Perry based fashion line, but she’s also playing model. As the face and body of her clothing line, she is sure to represent its image in the most positive way! Being that Amy is a world class humanitarian and iconic role model, she is constantly making the British population proud.

In honor of her new business ventures, I have decided to celebrate with the latest edition of’s Style StealerEnjoy!

shorts Fresh Styles: Stay Classy With Amy's Conservative Look

Denim Shorts, preferably 3 weeks unwashed...

[photogallerylink id=32439]

Alright my classy little broads, in order to get the singers classic and conservative look you must purchase the necessary items – at a low, low, low, price!

First up, a pair of denim shorts. I selected a pair from Forever 21 called the Striped Denim Short and you can purchase them for a mere $11.80! Steal! These shorts will be the perfect Spring staple and I recommend taking a scissor to them in order to get a shorter cut. This will give you that ‘take me serious’ look and is sure to get you noticed!

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bra tank Fresh Styles: Stay Classy With Amy's Conservative Look

Simple, yet classy!

[photogallerylink id=32439]

The next item for purchase – a bra!

I selected a bra in the shade of blue that is complimented with lace detail. You can purchase this from Forever 21 as well and it will only cost you $6.80 – talk about a steal!? Now, make sure you get yourself a sheer white tank for those nights when it’s a bit chilly! I recommend a super classy style that is manufactured by the brand Hanes. It can be purchased from their online website for $5.00. Full disclosure, it is a men’s tank-top so you will want to purchase an extra-small! Feel free to cut off some of the excess length in order to get a more feminine look.

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Amy Winehouse

Photo by Neil Mockford/Getty Images

[photogallerylink id=32439]

Time for my favorite part – the accessories!

No need to purchase shoes because going barefoot will give you a natural element. It also says, “Shoes, who needs them! I am fabulous without!”. Worried about the city streets dirtying your precious feet? No worries, this only polishes off your look!

This next accessory is a must when getting Amy’s serious style. What is this you ask? Sport some smokes and a beverage wherever you go! Smokes will really give you an element of class, because it is very old Hollywood. In order to nail her look carry them in your cleavage. This is both classy and convenient.

Added bonus, you don’t need a handbag!

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Amy Winehouse

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

[photogallerylink id=32439]

The last items needed in order to complete the look are a bit harder to pull off, and a bit more permanent! Get some sailor tattoos and yank a tooth out! All you’ll need for this is a bad ass attitude, a morally deficient tattoo artist and your dad’s tool box.

Not into the whole permanence thing? No worries, I found a website that sells temporary tats! There’s really no other way to get a tooth out, so if you’re going for this look, you better commit!

Alright gals, your conservative [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Amy Winehouse[/lastfm] look is officially complete! Enjoy your new look!

FYI, remember to follow the singers example and always be a lady!

One more thing, APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

You didn’t actually think I was serious – did you?!


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