Fresh Fact or Fiction: April Fools Day Edition!

jackass 3d Fresh Fact or Fiction: April Fools Day Edition!

The World's Best Pranksters - Jackass 3D

It’s April 1st so that means it is, of course, April Fool’s Day! We’ve dedicated our entire game of Fresh Fact or Fiction today to the history of April Fool’s Day! Think you know everything?

Test your knowledge after the jump with Jim and Kim!

The biggest joke around the news today was that it’s no joke: the northeast got snow in April! While Mother Nature plays a cruel joke on us, learn a little about April Fool’s Day and how it started!

Play along here with Jim and Kim!


None of us are major pranksters on the morning show but we did find a list of some very simple pranks that you can play on your family, friends and co-workers!

  • Put some confetti into their umbrella, close it and wait for the victim to open it.
  • Put salt on the victim’s toothbrush. Then stand by to watch the surprised look on their face.
  • Put a rubber band around the push button of the spray nozzle (the kind with a hose) so the button stays down. Point it forward. When the victim uses the sink they will get a wet surprise!

If you want to get a little more technical, try these:

  • Scratch Stickers — If you have a friend with a new car, paste these harmless Scratch Stickers on it and watch him freak out at the “damage.”
  • Mildew Lunch Bag — Get this lunch bag for your spouse or kid and gross them out.
  • Auto Caps Lock — This gadget automatically presses the “caps lock” button at random times and causes great annoyance to people who KNOW they did not press it.
  • Shock Mouse — This computer mouse offers a solid jolt whenever someone lays a hand on it.

PC World has posted the top 10 best Internet pranks for 2011.  Check out their list here!


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