Boneheads in the News: Cleveland Man Dines and Ditches

din Boneheads in the News: Cleveland Man Dines and Ditches

"I refuse to pay for this date..."

Apparently, chivalry is officially dead. Jim and Kim took to the air to discuss the most recent bonehead to make headlines. The lucky guy just so happens to be a Cleveland resident who caused quite a stir while out on a date at Houlihan’s. Read on and get the disturbing details straight from Jim and Kim’s mouths!

Blind dates can be rather awkward… especially when the guy refuses to pay for you. Over the weekend, a man from Ohio attempted to walk out on a check while dining at a Houlihan’s restaurant on a blind date. I thought guys from the Midwest were supposed to be wholesome?

According to reports, the date went absolutely horrible and the mans date even laughed in his face! Yikes. Authorities were called to the scene and eventually the man payed up for his dates portion of the meal. However, he proved to be ever the gentleman by denying his waiter of tip. Can you say, classy?

This topic got Jim and Kim thinking about etiquette and the appropriate methods to follow while out on a blind date. Listen below and find out what the duo had to say!

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