Boneheads in the News: Devil on Detroit Street


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  1. chrissy says:

    devine justice is bliss …

  2. lynne johnson says:

    this woman is one of this earths most vilest individuals,cant believe any one how evil some people can be,but i believe in karma,

  3. joan scanlon says:

    this woman if thats what you call someone like her,is evil.
    then there the old saying its made round it will go round
    and no one will be there for her.god bless that little girl
    and her grandmother

  4. Paula says:

    That woman jennifer is a nasty piece of work. She should remember that bad Karma will always come back and bite her in the ass.

  5. Donna says:

    i just read this story, my god! the law really messed up with this one, this woman is pure evil! why cant they lock her up? this little girl is beautiful & so was her mum, the ugly one is the evil one. she should be put to death by torture for what she is doing to a very sad but strong little girl who has more backbone then she has with an intire family!! god bess little one from the aussies down under.


    We can only hope she get a little Prison time!
    Those Ladies in Prison will show her the Error of her ways!

    1. Beverly McDowell says:

      I’d say she’ll learn her lesson on the street just as well. Everyone who has posted about good old karma is 100% correct. Thanks to televison she just might find that what she has done is coming around the corner alot quicker.

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