timgunnpr8ep8vlog3 Tim Gunn Slams Project Runway


Tim Gunn posted (and then quickly deleted) a vlog expressing his recent frustration over the “Jackie O Challenge” on a recent episode of Project Runway. Who knew clothes could make someone look that angry and crazy?

During the course of the video, Tim lays out a timeline for how the entire process and challenge took shape and is visibly agitated about the whole situation.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


When meeting with the segment producer the day before he was to present the challenge to the designers, he was told the contestants would be creating “classic American sportswear.” Tim interjected that ‘classic’ could not be used in this capacity but left it alone and asked what the twist would be, to which the response was: “They’re designing classic American sportswear from their point of view.”

Here’s when the fashionisto gets heated. “This doesn’t make any sense! Why wouldn’t they be designing from their point of view from the onset of the challenge? What am I telling them, that we’re going shopping at Macy’s? What are they doing? They’re copying existing design work?

On the day of the big reveal, Tim is sent to the wrong location. He says of the incident: “Nobody knows where anyone is. This is emblematic of the season, let me tell you.”

Gunn’s angry tangent continues for a full 12 minutes before he finishes it off with: “Then I left the circle and of course the judges are all looking at each other like, ‘I think someone needs a straight jacket.’ Well, I did! But nothing was going to restrain me! I would have broken out of the straight jacket! And don’t mess with my designers, judges!

You tell ’em! Moral of the story – don’t mess with the Gunn. He may seem like a pushover but he can talk smack like nobody’s business.

Read the full story here.


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