Malicious Gossip for Wednesday, Aug 4, 2010

mike sorrentino1 Malicious Gossip for Wednesday, Aug 4, 2010

“The Situation.”

Too many six packs for his six pack?

Read on!

Fresh Malicious Gossip from the Jim & Kim morning show…

Christina Applegate is absolutely thrilled about being a mom. Star magazine reports she is really excited about being able to become pregnant so easily, but still doesn’t know how to dress her baby bump.

(Don’t you just hate it when a baby bump is dressed better than you?)

Susan Boyle is working on becoming extremely rich reports she lives on eight-hundred-dollars-a-week and puts almost her entire fortune into an interest-bearing savings account. If her career keeps going the way it is, she’ll have a nice, sixty-million-dollar nest egg in a mere eleven years. Susan is unmarried and lives with her car Pebbles.

(Which means she’ll be buying expensive things for her cat…a Duxiana cat bed, cat nip prepared by Emeril Lagasse…a cat bidet.)

And finally, is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino headed down the same path as Lindsay Lohan? A source on the set of ” Jersey Shore” says Mike has been partying way too hard and surrounding himself with enablers. Word is they tried to step in for an intervention.

(Snooki wanted to have the intervention during happy hour. That might be part of the problem.)

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