kate gosselinjpg 606f4a0aba017f4f large Malicious Gossip for Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kate close to being broke?! Read on!

Fresh Malicious Gossip from the Jim & Kim morning show…

People Magazine reports that a poll reveals America wants Anderson Cooper to replace Larry King when he retires. Anderson got a whopping 45% of the vote, while Joy Behar & Ryan Seacrest were tied for second place.

(If Ryan Seacrest replaces Larry King, then Larry should replace Ryan on American Idol…wouldn’t that be fun?)

The reality is not pretty for Kate Gosselin right now. After her new book bombed & sold less than 20,000 copies, the bills are stacking up. Gosselin has a $10,000 a month mortgage, $32,000 a year for private school for her kids & her outrageous spending on security & staff.

(Well, maybe after being on Dancing with the Stars, she could give dancing lessons….please note the sarcasm.)

And finally, new reports claim Kate Winslet & her EX husband Sam Mendes are giving it another try. A source close to the couple report they’re “planning to take time to head to their England manor house to work on their relationship.”

(We do the same things at my house…only instead of going to our manor house in the English countryside, my wife sends me to get something in the shed, and then locks the door until I admit I was wrong…it’s very effective.)

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